Toddler Program

We are so pleased to offer the first full-day Montessori Toddler Program in the Lower Mainland area. Our program is designed to offer your child the essentials skills needed for optimal development in their first years of life and to develop a true love for learning. Our classroom is a home-like setting that will create a feeling of safety, warmth and comfort for both you and your child. Children will learn through careful guidance and trust in their own abilities.

Current research now backs Dr. Montessori’s first discoveries that the first years of life are the most important as they determine the success the child will have in all subsequent years. The Toddler Program is perfectly prepared to invite children to freely explore their environment, practice independence, develop language, advance their fine and gross motor skills and build social relationships.

Our full-day program includes a three-hour work cycle where children freely choose activities and receive one on one lessons from our teachers. It also includes a catered lunch service followed by outdoor play, rest and nap time and ending in more free activity and time spent outdoors.